Hi. I am Jenni Miller.

I have been writing for fun and profit since the age of six. After graduating from Sarah Lawrence College several years later, I dove into the wild world of online media to ply my wares. I have interviewed everyone from One Direction to The Lizardman, traversed the tundra of Park City, visited movie sets, and reviewed too many movies, books, and video games to count. I was the senior editor of Premiere.com and have contributed to a variety of outlets, from classy joints like BUST Magazine, VanityFair.com, and GQ.com to, well, other sites. I'm planning to write a book (or at least a short story) about the weirdos who go to see movies on opening day, myself included.

Besides my word-slingin' work, I am also a web producer, proofreader, and all-around gun for hire.

Would you like to peek at my clips or my CV? Don't be shy. Email jennimiller at gmail dot com.

I also make with the Twitter and the Tumblr.

Like everything else in the universe, this site is a work in progress.